McVERDI yellow linen dress with buttons

A fine yellow shirt dress made in 100% linen. Embrace the summer sun with a yellow dress, with many possibilities for styling. 

The good thing about a dress with buttons is that you can use it in so many ways. It is so to speak a multifunctional piece of clothing. You can use this linen dress closed – as a wonderful summerdress. Or you can use the dress open as a kind of summer coat. And at last you can use the dress partly closed with a skirt or under dress underneath for a more layered dress-look. The dress has a very nice fit and a perfect shawl collar. The sleeve is very pretty with a little bit of puff effect. The summer dress has pockets of course

The linen dress are sewn in 100% linen. Linen is wonderful to wear in the summer because it has a good ability to temper. All linen wrinkles – it can not be avoided – but we recommend that you embrace the natural look of linen quality and avoid ironing your linen dress. Instead, wash the linen dress gently in the washing machine (hand wash program) and let it dry on a hanger instead. The linen used for this dress is melange, which gives a nice expression in the color. The linen quality is produced in Italy,